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Re:Boot: is a male pop/electronic band based in Berlin.

Consisting of Kiro former member of Cinema Bizarre and Denis Kurus who is new to the scene.

With their different taste in music and style, they truly created a one of a kind sound.

For their first single Century featurning Lena Katina. that came out 25th March 2014.

Who knows what these super HOT, SEXY, Fun , TALENTED guys have in store, for their Re:Bels and Future Re:Bels.

We will just have to wait and see ;)

But until then...The SIngle Century is Available to purchase from iTunes or Amazon.

So what you waiting for, go check it out :D

And tell all your friends about Re:Boot, Century Denis and Kiro! :D

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This is a Fan Page :) Made for Re:Bels and future Re:Bels.

You can Check out Re:Boot. At their Offical website

Same address for their Main Twitter account and Youtube account.

They are also on facebook. Just type in the search bar Re:Boot.

Also they also have indicidual twitter accounts and instagram accounts.

Just put Kiroyall or Denis Kurus. then either instagram or twitter after their names.

Plus if you have not yet, check out Denis Kurus on youtube.

He has two videos up only, but they are a MUST see :D

Denis is also on Vkontakte :)

So go check out all that good stuff :D

Make sure to Subscribe/Follow/Like/Thumbs up/Share and comment :D

And to check back every once in a while ;)

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This is Re:Boot Kiro and Denis.

Latest activityEdit

First Teaser for Centurty 12th March 2014

Second Teaser for Century 13th March 2014

Third and last Teaser for Century 14th March 2014

Re:Boot say Thank you video 14th March 2014

Century- out now video! 25th March 2014

Re:Boot interview by Katination 25th March 2014

First Single Century came out. 25th March 2014. Featurning Lena Katina from TATU.

Interview/Photoshoot inside All Star Russian Magazine 21st July 2014

Re boot - Century (ft

Re boot - Century (ft. Lena Katina)

Re boot interview by Katination

Re boot interview by Katination


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